A perfect fall day for apple picking!

Everyone loves a beautiful fall day with chilly weather, a hot tea, and some fresh apples. So this morning my family and I went out for a perfect sweater weather material day. Now my family and I moved a few years ago to a small town, and it was an adjustment, but I’ve learned to love it. Living in a small town is remarkably similar to the way it’s portrayed in Hallmark movies. People have more time to be friendly, and seeing a familiar face while walking to the coffee shop isn’t uncommon. Since we moved here apple picking became an autumn tradition. There’s this cute farm nearby that has a whole fall bonanza every year. That means cinnamon spice donuts, chai lattes and apple and pumpkin picking of course! I love cute local finds like this! So this morning I threw on a cozy sweater, made some pumpkin oatmeal, grabbed my camera and had a great day.

There’s something about growing and/or picking the produce you use. It adds an organic and authentic element to cooking and baking. I’ve experimented with gardening in the past and I used to love growing tomatoes and peppers, but I’ve drifted away from gardening and this is a great supplement to that.

Also when you go apple picking at a local farm they usually don’t use the same pesticides and chemicals, so you’re getting the most wholesome and simple food from the start.

If you like photography, make sure to bring your camera! The fall colors of the apples, pumpkins, and sunflowers calls for some cozy fall photos!

We picked out a few pumpkins to decorate our house with and make jack o’ lanterns! My Dad always said to go for the firm, balanced and even pumpkins in the patch, but to be honest I always liked the misshapen ones that no one else will get. (Is that cheesy?)

I also just learned of something called a ghost pumpkin! I’m really happy to have a white pumpkin for my bedroom. I working on some cute fall decor and sometimes you just find the right thing. (I plan on posting a decor DIY soon, so stay updated :))

Well everyone, may this post serve as a reminder to enjoy fall and this beautiful weather! And apples of course! Many recipes to come!!


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