No-Bake Vanilla Protein Balls

I’m all about convenient and simple food. A lot of times I would resort for something unhealthy with little nutrients just to eat something before going out for the day, but this simple recipe has helped me end this habit! This only takes 10 minutes to make, or you could put this together the night before eating for an easy and delicious breakfast that’s packed with protein.

Perfecting consistency.

No-bake recipes are designed to be easier, but often they’re actually harder to master. Without the right recipe you can end up with something that crumbles or something that’s too moist to stay shapen. I’ve learned that you need just the right binding ingredient. I used almond butter in this recipe, but you can easily replace that with other binders.

Play around with flavors!

A few weeks ago I was attempting to make almond butter overnight oats, and it ended up being the base of this delicious recipe! That doesn’t mean there’s no room to experiment with it of course. You can replace the binder (almond butter) with any other nut butter. Peanut or Cashew works really well. If you don’t want any nuttiness in your dish you can add a fall twist with some pumpkin! I am attempting to make the perfect fall protein ball recipe right now, and canned pumpkin does work to keep this together. You can also change the protein powder flavor. I swapped the vanilla protein powder with chocolate and the almond butter with peanut butter and it tasted pretty freaking awesome. You can also bake them if you want! I tried it and it worked out pretty well! One note is that it did bring out more of the protein powder flavor which I personally don’t like, but it still had a great consistency!


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