Balsamic Pita Pizzas

I recently went to “Little Italy” in San Diego, and it was the perfect mix of charming and chic. It was full of Italian shops, restaurants and street markets. We went to Civico 1845, which had amazing vegan options: one of which was this ridiculously delicious pizza. It was garlic and balsamic based, with sun dried tomatoes, lightly dressed with oil… my mouth waters just thinking about it. I was determined to make a recipe just like it, made with wholesome ingredients, and easy to make.

Here’s what you’ll need

Pita bread


Balsamic Vinegar

Olive Oil

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Vegan Mozzerlla


AND WHATEVER VEGGIES AND HERBS YOU WANT! (I used onions, basil, and chives)

Things to note…

So I set off on making this pizza! It’s simple to make and it only takes 30 minutes. There are a few things to mention before starting this recipe. First: Vegan Cheese.

I know vegan cheese is somewhat… controversial? A lot of people don’t like it. I personally love cheese, so when I switched to a plant based diet, I was super skeptical. Vegan cheese kind of sucks. It tastes more like salty sludge than anything else. I’m working on a vegan cheese recipe myself, but it’s been unsuccessful. I’ve only liked one kind of vegan cheese. Mozzarella. Mozzarella doesn’t have a super strong flavor, so it’s easier to supplement. Also, I get the Earth Balance brand. They don’t use nutritional yeast, and I personally think it tastes more natural. Just don’t overuse it and it works well.

The other main thing about this recipe is the tofu. Tofu is a tricky ingredient, and I highly recommend making sure it’s flavorful before eating it or serving it to non-vegans! When I first bought tofu I was pretty disgusted when I had to fish it out of a jar full of water. Also, I did a pretty terrible job cooking it. So here’s what I got for you now. First, always press! I didn’t realize how important this was until my second or third try making it. If you don’t have a tofu press (I don’t have one either), I recommend using a clean kitchen towel and wrap it around the unpressed tofu. Put it on a plate with another plate on top, and apply gentle pressure until all the water is discreted. Don’t press too hard or the tofu will start to crumble. I used balsamic vinegar as a marinade of sorts, and it tasted really good. I ended having some left over and I put it in my salad for lunch the next day!

Healthy pizza? Yes please!

So yeah, this recipe has all the goodies. Vegan cheese, flavorful tofu, and sun dried tomatoes. It’s the perfect blend of pizza and bruschetta. It’s savory and packed with protein in both the tofu and the “cheese” so it can fuel you for a while. It makes a great lunch or dinner! The brand of cheese I mentioned earlier is also made with chickpea flour and tapioca starch, meaning you get some added protein there too!

So basically this is healthy vegan pizza that actually tastes good. Yeah, so go give it a try!


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