Desk Setup for Productivity

Whether you’ve just now started working from home, or you’ve been working remotely for a while, having a consistant desk setup is key. I used to just wander around from table to couch in my house, but I realized it made me get distracted and less productive. I decided to finally setup a desk area that would encourage me to be creative and productive, but still stay on a low budget. So there were three key things I needed in my new setup.

Creative space

No matter what your interests are, I strongly recommend having a special place just to put out thoughts and ideas. You can fill it with motivational quotes (the printable for some quotes I like is right here!) or pictures that inspire you. I used a pin board and a bulletin board for this space. Now whenever I’m feeling down or defeated, I just look up at the pictures and quotes and it makes me feel better.

Empty Workspace

It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of decorating, and then realizing that there’s not enough space for you to actual create and work! I’ve definitely gone out shopping for desk decor, and ended up with a cluttered desk. I recommend limiting the amount of things on your desk to just a few things. I put pen holders, a plant, a typewriter, and a file folder holder. This left most of my desk empty to work on anything else, as seen below.

Consistent Theme

Another aspect, while it may not be a priority, is presentation. My old desk was full of clutter and colors, and it was distracting. I decided to keep my theme minimalist, so I kept with just a few simple colors and textures. This helps it flow together nicely, and it’s just fun to decorate your work area to your personal preferences.

Plants and Decor

The final part to any good desk is a few personal touches. In my video (find it below) you can see a few things I added to decorate. These included a few DIYS, some plants, a typewriter, and a few vintage books. Whatever you add, I recommend using things that will make you feel mentally focused.


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