Fluffy Banana Pancakes

Everyone has their go-to-breakfast. For some people it’s cereal, or eggs, or for the hipster vegans it’s usually avocado toast or smoothie bowls. While I like to include some variety in my breakfasts, I generally eat the same thing everyone morning. Oat pancakes.

There’s all this hype around pancakes vs. waffles, but let’s be real for a second. It never really was a discussion. Sure, waffles hit the spot sometimes. But pancakes? Well, you can never have a bad pancake.

I’ve tried a number of healthier pancake options over the past few years. Before switching to a plant-based diet, my mom would make us egg white pancakes, but they just tasted like sweet omelets. I wanted a wholesome pancake that had the same fluffy satisfaction of a traditional pancake. Here comes my adaption. Banana oat pancakes!


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