Everyone has their go-to-breakfast. For some people it's cereal, or eggs, or for the hipster vegans it's usually avocado toast
A few years ago my grandparents took us out to eat, and got us (virgin) pina coladas. It was my
I ate half of a coconut cream pie. I know, not my finest moment. But honestly, how could anyone resist?
In my mind spring really starts when the allergies kick in. This week has been a pollen fest, and that
My family has always been very reliant on fast foods. Some of my most nostalgic memories are linked with various
A few months ago my family and I went to Pita Pit for the first time. It’s a Canadian chain,
The majority of the time I'm in the mood for something sweet. Whether it's dessert or a midday pick-me-up, I
I recently went to "Little Italy" in San Diego, and it was the perfect mix of charming and chic. It
There's nothing like buffalo chicken dip on a game day. In my family we always have my Dad's famous Buffalo
Whether you love or hate matcha, if you like pancakes, you'll love this recipe. There are few things I like
I love street food. I think one of the best ways to explore different cultures and various regions of food
I love Mounds bars. They're honestly a very underappreciated candy. Most people probably don't associate these with Christmas, but I
I love chai a latte. Haha, I know it's cheesy. Well, who am I kidding, it's not cheesy. It's nutritional
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I love Thanksgiving. Aside from the fact that it forces your family to spend time with you
I've been doing some experimenting in my kitchen over the last few days. I really wanted to arrange some more
There is nothing more comforting than eating out of the brownie batter, am I right? I remember my mom would
I'm all about convenient and simple food. A lot of times I would resort for something unhealthy with little nutrients
Pumpkin, spice and everything nice. Pumpkin is amazing. It's one of those vegetables that's only acceptable one season of the